Data Privacy Law

The rapidly evolving digitalisation in our world offers many new chances and business opportunities regarding data. 'Big data' is not just a modern daydream anymore, but has long been reality. We are digitally and globally connected - our life is increasingly 'smarter'. At the same time, data privacy law is undergoing a massive change and poses big challenges to companies. On May 25, the new General Data Protection Regulation becomes applicable in Austria. It replaces the current data privacy regime and brings essential changes - not least because of the draconian fines in case of data privacy violations. But don't worry: we help you get data privacy fit. We offer extensive fitness checks for your company, analyse and evaluate your data categories and data flows and help you, step-by-step, to comply with the prerequisites of the General Data Protection regulation. In case of personal data breaches, we support you 24/7, because every minute counts. Reliable and discreet.
Mag. Huberta Gheneff